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Noah’s Ark

April 4, 2012

I don’t think I was suffering so acutely during the process of watching and waiting while my wonderful father passed. This Zolton mess is close to doing me in and we just started!! A note about Dad: he had emphysema and was dying for years and it was a chronic heartache. This is like the crap hit the fan with one mind-blowing revelation.

My girlfriend, The Cat Doctor in Hellertown, PA, is a brilliant vet though she only deals with cats in her practice. I have never met a smarter nor kinder more compassionate vet. So I faxed her Zolton’s ultrasound report. She corroborated the prognosis but really helped in clarifying much of the grim details.

Zolton in his pool with his pet frog

The big thing which no one spelled out was that there is a 9.8 cm mass in the sacral lymph nodes. That is almost 4 gosh darn inches in diameter! This thing is in the retroperitoneal cavity and is pressing on the vascular structure that leads to the femur which explains why he can’t get up too easily. Susan (Dr. Ackermann, “The Cat Dr.”) told me that when she was in vet school at Cornell (it didn’t get prestigious rankings for nothing) that they were always taught to do rectal exams in their physicals with dogs because that is the point of cancerous origin with large dogs. Do you know how few vets do these? It’s because they don’t know it!!! This is serious, folks. Make sure your vets check your dogs’ anal cavities when you have their physicals. I know. I know!!!!! May not be pretty, but darn good to know. You may save yourself a lot of heartache one day. Anyway, Dr. Ackermann asked me (when no one else mentioned this–see, I told you she was brilliant) if his back leg wasn’t swollen? Dah. It is and now I can see how the normal leg machinations are compromised.

She also told me to consider giving him the Peroxicam which the internist in Malvern mentioned could possibly shrink some of the tumors. I’m not trying to do any curing here….though it would be wonderful if it did that….but I’m told this is an anti-inflammatory which has almost chemo-like qualities. With this drug you need to also administer antacids and gastric protectorates. She said it will make him so much more comfortable. We are going for quality-of-life, right?

I just started Zolt on prednisone and the pain meds, therefore I wasn’t sure if these doctors are thinking Peroxicam or Prednisone or BOTH. Susan says both….kinda like Exedrin and Aspirin…sort of similar drugs yet different agents and sometimes we need them both. Zolt’s primary care vet said ONE OR THE OTHER because his liver is already compromised so she didn’t want him to have too many drugs. Susan said that she wasn’t too concerned about his liver taking him down given the fact that his liver enzymes are still in the normal range. So not sure what to do……

The day ended with me picking Zolton up at my husband’s office this afternoon when I picked up my son from lacrosse practice. Why was Zolton at the office again since his mommy was going to be home most of the day you might be wondering? My husband proffered Zolt the idea this morning–kidding around since the dog had spent the entire day there the day before…and he LOVED all the attention. Everyone there (that’s left–remember the recessionary lay-offs??) has known him for years and years and LOVES him so completely. Again, and I might be only a little prejudiced,  he is a lovable guy! So guess what?? Zolt was so excited that he begged to go. I’m like, “…Buddy, we were going to walk today and hang out together….”. But, hey, he wanted to go and I get him the entire four day weekend on the Bay.

So when I picked him up this afternoon at the office, we headed straight to McDonalds and got two plain cheeseburgers (I’m thinking “Cheeseburga, Cheeseburga, give me three cheeseburgas.” Wasn’t that a Gilda Radner skit on SNL in the late 70s???). He ate them….not as fervently as in healthier times but he still downed them. Then when we got home, the grave reality hit home again. You see, I can’t stand to see my baby struggle to walk. So when he laid down in the foyer, I laid down with him….with a glass of wine and a Bible. I opened the book haphazardly and read some uplifting passage to him from Revelations. Then I thought about it and went back to the beginning….to Genesis…and read him the story of Noah’s Ark.


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